The Prom!

My niece had her Junior prom tonight and today I did her hair and makeup. I wasn't sure about her hair this time because it was so short. It turned out to be a "cookie cutter" style but still looked cute. We usually do something more funky and different. Regardless, she looked so beautiful. It seems like just yesterday she was Hailey's age. A few weeks ago we went shopping for her dress and jewelry. She wanted something short which is difficult for prom. We did find something that was short and looked pretty on her. I love spending time with her and helping her with all of her little problems that seem so detremental to her. She looks up to me and I am glad to try to give her adult advice without being such an "adult". I only was able to take a few pictures since I had to get to work, I can't wait to get some of her formal pictures. I hope she has a great time tonight and is being safe. Oh and speaking of prom! Kevin (the man I care for)are going to his prom on May 9th. I'm a nerd, but I'm so excited to take him :)

Busy Thursday

Thursday was such a busy day for us!! First we went to the Preschool Expo where we checked out many preschools. We have narrowed it down to two preschools. Both offer great things but are very different. Sacred Heart offers lots of field trips and activities, but Hopewell has highly educated teachers and pays attention to the childs individual development. Hopewell is for special needs children, but they take typical children on a waiting list. We are on the waiting list so we will see what happens. Shes only going to be 3 years old and already so many decisions!! So after all the mommy busy time it was time for Hailey's playgroup. They painted and there were a lot of kids there that day. We left a little early from playgroup to get away from the chaos and went on a picnic just Buggie and I :) It was so windy but Hailey really thought it was great to sit and eat out by the water. Being such a beautiful day we couldnt pass up a nice walk feeding the ducks and finishing up playing on the wooden playground. She made friends with a two little boys and they had fun on the swings and chasing each other. By two o'clock we headed home for a little nap and Buggie was soo worn out! She had a long day and zonked out for about two hours! So that was our busy thursday :)

Pajama Party!

Hailey's playgroup had a pajama party at the library to celebrate the Week of the Young Child. They read stories and used the felt board which is her favorite. Hailey also got the "princess" award which is very fitting lately. I think maybe it should have been diva princess ha ha! We both had fun reading and having fun with her friends.

Fresh flowers

Flowers from the backyard. Put them on the kitchen table and they smell mmmm good!

The Bug is afraid of bugs!!

Hailey was really enjoying hamming up the camera today!! She had a great time playing outside today but she is now terrified of bugs. I'm not sure what brought this on but she is being a such a sissy!! I even tried playing with a small spider to show her they will not hurt you and that they actually help our flowers grow. She wasn't buying it. The Bug is afraid of bugs!

Blooming Memories

Now that the warm weather has arrived, my flower beds have transformed into beautiful blooming flowers. I always feel so wonderful when my flowers bud into bright little rows of color! It takes me back to my memories of helping my grandma in her garden and flower beds. I spent summers visiting my Grandma and Grandpa and they were some of the most incredible memories that I have. My grandpa was always in his workshop making woodcrafts and to this day I always love the smell of sawdust because it reminds me of him. And we would take bike rides around the super small quiet town which was quite different from where I grew up. Afterward my grandma would always get a big glass ice water for us and call it sun juice. While we sipped our sun juice we would sit on the front porch with buckets of green beans and snap the ends off them. It's funny how little things like flowers blooming can take you back to sweet memories. I hope that Hailey's life is filled with flower blooming memories and much more. I am surely grateful for mine!

my beautiful little blooms!

Spring Cleaning Saturday!!

Finally!! Spring is here!!! We enjoyed this beautiful Saturday and soaked up all the sun :) We first started on yard work. Hailey loves this task and has her own gardening gloves. Hailey and I finally planted all of our herbs in some pots. We planted oregano, basil, parsley, and dill. This is my first herb garden and I'm not sure how they will turn out. Maybe Hailey has a green thumb that will help them along. We will plant our strawberries, cucumber, and green onions once the weather looks more promising.

As I finished some yard work Jeremy and Hailey had lots of fun playing with bubbles.

Our next project was one we have been putting off for a long time. Spring cleaning! Anyone who has been to our house this winter would probably have seen our disaster junk disposal back porch. I would have shown a before and after picture but I'm not that brave lol. It looks pretty nice now and so much larger. I was beginning to feel like one of those hoarder people! It's all gone now though with one huge trip Jeremy made to the Goodwill. Thank you Jeremy for helping!! And thank you Hailey for being such a good girl playing in the backyard and in her sandbox so quietly while Mommy and Daddy were working!

Well that was our spring cleaning saturday!! We hope everyone had a fun and productive day also!!! Happy Spring!!

Catching up ...

So I haven't posted anything in a few days so I thought I would just catch up on what we have been doing. Since its been so warm outside Hailey and I have been outside cleaning out the flower beds and raking the yard. I can already see that she is going to be my little helper this summer. This summer should be super fun! Hailey will be old enough to play shortie soccer and tee ball. Jeremy being the over protective dad that he is, does not want Hailey playing tee ball yet because she might get hurt and scare her away from softball. So shortie soccer watch out.. cus here comes Buggie! Also the preschool expo is coming up April 17th which we will be checking out. I cant believe she will already being going to preschool! She's still my little baby! She is so excited for her third birthday though. We finally decided on having it at Kids America and having a Dora theme. Hailey is thrilled about the idea and of course I've already started my shopping and preparations. The party will be Memorial day weekend so I hope everyone will be able to make it. Well anyways.. thats what we have been up to! Til the next time!

This picture was taken two years ago around this time of year :( it seems like just yesterday!!