Getting out of the cold...

With pre-school and all Bug's activities being cancelled for the past two weeks, she was getting very stir crazy. So we decided to take a trip to the indoor water park. The water was very warm and we soon forgot how cold and snowy it was outside.. well at least for a few hours. Bug was very interested in all the different pulls and levers to play with. She was brave enough to go down several of the slides although I'm not sure she really enjoyed hitting the water at the bottom. When Mommy decided it was time to leave Bug was bummed but tired enough to not even put up a fight. Hopefully school will not be cancelled anymore.

One year ago...

Here is a video of Hailey making valentines last year. Mommy and Daddy are addicted to this video of Bug. We can't believe how much her vocabulary has improved. Those baby words are gone and replaced by a vocabulary beyond her years. One day Bug told Mommy "I essentially need breakfast today, Mommy". She uses funny words like this all the time. Our little baby is a little girl now. Where did the time go??

Second trip to the dentist..

Many people dread going to the dentist. But not Bug. She was THRILLED to go to the dentist today. She sat so politely and did everything they asked her to do. The whole office just gushed over her. She even did x-rays holding more still then I have ever seen or dreamed about. The doctor said she is doing a wonderful job keeping her teeth clean but unfortunately Bug has a cavity. She gets her bad teeth from both Mommy and Daddy but shes only 3! So next week she will be back in the office for another visit. Hopefully, this next visit won't change her love for the dentist. I think they won her over with the goody bag so they better have one ready. Who knew a child would get so excited over a toothbrush and toothpaste??

Its a pizza party!

Bug's class went to Pizza Hut for a field trip. One of her favorite foods is pizza so she was extra excited. They first took a small tour and then made their own personal pizzas. Hailey chose pepperoni and ate just about the whole pizza herself! Did I mention she loves pizza?? I have seen her eat 5 pieces of pizza in one sitting at 3 years of age. Where does she put it all??!!

Getting ready for Valentine's Day..

Bug started working on her valentines early so we won't be pressed for time. She cut out the hearts glued them to paper heart doilies and then wrote her name. Bug is doing great printing her name. She can now write the first 3 letters well and the last letter fairly well. I think she was doing an excellent job but by 6th valentine we were both getting a little overwhelmed. Lucky we started early!!

Snow Days

When school is cancelled for Hailey, she gets very upset. She loves school and hopefully it will forever stay that way! So to uplift her spirits, I promised we would go and play in the snow. We made snow angels and attempted to make a snowman. When the snowman didn't work we went off to do some sledding. The hill was very small but perfect for Hailey. We had a makeshift sled from the top of a plastic tote. It was just the right size for her. We weren't able to stay out for very long because our cheeks got too cold.


It was a long trip and cold but we went to the wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. Before it was dark we explored the aquarium, which Hailey always really enjoys. After dark, the lights were all around us and were so pretty especially when riding around on the carasol. The best part was the light show on the water that played to music. Hailey was really into looking at christmas lights this year so it was something she really enjoyed.

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve Hailey stayed up til after midnight and was still going. As most people do, we had pork and kraut. But we have to laugh at our Bug. As picky as Bug is with her vegetables, she LOVES kraut. The girl stuffs it in by handfulls! When midnight came Hailey was ready to make a bunch of noise with all of her instruments and noisemakers. We popped streamers all over and had a fun time dancing around with them. What fun memories!