Winter sucks!

It seems like the flu bug has caught up with everyone. December and January were pretty good now we are paying for it in February. I can't wait for all this snow to be gone and for everyone to be healthy. My poor Hailey caught a bug at the Disney on ice show and is running a temp of 103/4. I keep getting the temp down to 99 but 3 hours later its back up again :( Exhuasting between constant cool baths, meds, popciclies and taking temps. Shes my little trooper though. You would never guess anything was wrong with her. Shes still eating and doing normal activities. But every so often she tells me that she doesnt feel good. It breaks my heart to hear those words, but I'm glad that she can vocalize how she feels now. My poor girl! Anyways, I cannot wait for all this snow to be gone and summer to be here! snow snow go away!!!

We had so much fun today going to Disney on Ice. Hailey and her friend Lexie absolutely loved dressing up like princesses and dancing around. When the show started Hailey was so amazed. Her mouth just dropped open. I love those moments :)

Her very favorite was the Little Mermaid section of the show. And her most favorite thing of the whole show was the funny crab (sebastian). Between loving that and yelling at the boy behind us, I'm for sure that my darling princess was just in discuise. Underneath is the tomboy in her struggling to get out.

We had so much fun regardless if my busy girl couldnt hold still after a half hour of the show starting. But even when I thought she wasnt watching she fooled me. On the drive home we talked endlessly about the whole show. Next year we are definatly going to do it again. We had great seats for the price and got to see everything pretty well but we talked about getting special seats to meet and have dinner with the Princesses. That would be such a fun experience and I'm sure the girls would love it!

Hailey's big girl bed

Last night was Hailey's first night in her big girl bed! I was very skeptical when she walked in on me taking down her toddler/crib bed. She gasped and started crying, "Mommy! My bed! What are you doing to my bed!". I told her I was putting up her big girl bed and she was still hesitant about it. But when I got her room back in order and her big bed up she was pretty happy about it. That night we did the same routine, story.. song... kisses.. then close the door. Lately I have been having to fight with her for an hour doing the "Nanny" routine until she falls asleep. But with the big girl bed, we closed the door and she went right to sleep. I think its because the mattress is so much more comfortable and I also have a mattress pillow cover on it. Its like sleeping on a cloud! I still have to find the sheets to match her room (pink/white polka dots). We still have some painting to finish up which has taken forever for us procrastinators. But for now shes pretty excited about her pink big girl room! I'm happy yet sad about it. I love her being so independant and we have a blast together, but I know this wont last for long.Before I know it, she will be off to school and my best friend wont be with me all the time. For some people this sounds strange but she is my best friend. My little buddy. We do everything together and have such a good relationship. I hate to think of a day that she won't do everything and share everything with me. But that is a part of parenthood we have to deal with. I'm just sad that my little baby is growing up :(

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last night Hailey had such a fun time making her first valentines for her playgroup. And we also made "healthy brownies" which didnt turn out as well as I would have liked. But they did taste alright enough to take for the the kids. They had spinach and carrots in it which sounds really gross but you cant really taste it. The recipe was from Jessica Seinfields book Deceptively Delicious. Maybe she should make a new title because those things were not exactly delicious but hey I had to try it.

Hailey thought it was christmas all over again today! I got Hailey balloons, 5 valentine books, a heart purse with play jewelry and candy in it, and a soft bear. And Jeremy got Hailey a valentine package with candy, little bear and other stuff in it. Then she went to playgroup and everyone handed out little bags with junk toys in em and lots of candy!! Also Grandmas sent some cute cards which she was so excited to get mail. Jeremy was also very sweet and got me a locket with Mom inscribed on the front. This is my first present with "mom" on it. It made me feel so good :) I love being a mom!

Happy Valentines day!!

Daddy is dirty too!

It was jeremys birthday the other day and Hailey had a blast... she made him a cute card and cupcakes. But my personal favorite was when I said Hailey, its daddy's birthday... he is thirty-two. Her response was Daddy is dirty too?? He needs to take a bath! It was the cutest thing ever! She never ceases to amaze me!