Little Sally Walker

This morning Bug started singing and dancing to this super cute song. She had learned it from cheer camp and this is the first time Mommy had ever heard of it. Watch the video and see how cute she is gettin down.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bug had a fun Valentine's celebration. She had fun making valentines for all her grandmas, grandpas and friends at school. On Thursday before Valentine's day, her preschool class had a Valentine's party. Bug was very excited to pass out her valentines and of course getting candy! She also liked looking in the mailbox each day for valentines. On Valentines day, Bug got balloons, heart earrings, stickers, a stuffed ladybug and a longaberger heart totebag. I think Mommy & Daddy go a bit overboard but they can't help it. Bug is just so special!

Biddy Cheer Camp

This week Bug went to cheer camp. The Biddy Cheer Camp was a fundraiser for the High School cheer team. She really looked up to the older cheerleaders from the high school who were the leaders of the camp. Hailey jumped right in and had a fun time with all the other girls. Friday night, the camp cheered at halftime of the JV basketball game. Hailey cheered loud and had a good time.

This was the only video that we took that had sound. She also had a dance routine and another cheer.

Hailey & Daddy watching the rest of the basketball game.