The Air Show

We looked forward to the air show this year because last years was so incredible. We had a good time but it wasn't as great as a show. Maybe it was just too hot to enjoy it. Hailey had the most fun in the kid zone with jump houses and face painting.

My big brother

Sadly, being the free spirit that my brother is, I don't really get to see him all that often. But he just made a trip up from texas to visit and I was so happy to see him! Hailey really took to him even after not seeing him since she was about 6 months old. It so surprising to see how similar I am to my brother yet so different. I have always envied his free spirit and wished to be like him in some ways. I guess thats what little sisters do huh?? Thanks big brother for being someone to look up to. I love you!

Happy Belated Grandparents day!!

It's so easy to miss Grandparents day but I wanted to make sure I acknowledged all of our grandparents and tell them how much we love and appreciate them!

My Dad - Papaw Tina and his Shortcake Hollywood

Jeremy's parents - Papaw & Grandma Carolyn

My Mom - Grandma Tina

My Grandma - Little Grandma

My Grandma & Grandpa - I wish my Grandpa was here with us, we miss him so much and his hugs and kisses for all his girls.

Jeremys grandparents - Great Grandma Tubbs and Papaw Jim

The busy schedule

Our schedule is pretty busy now. Mondays and Tuesdays, Hailey has dance classes and Wednesdays is Storytime at the library. Not to mention, preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Hailey is such an active child she has been having a hard time focusing on directions and being still. I think these extra activities will really help her attention span and also keep her active this winter. She really seems to enjoy most of the activities but its quite an adjustment for my busy lil bug.

First day of Preschool

Last week was Hailey's first day of preschool. When we dropped her off she was so excited. She has absolutely no attachment issues which made the preschool transitionn very easy. I'm so backwards, I didn't cry until I picked her up and bawled the whole way home. When she started telling me all about what she did, I felt so left out of her life. I have always gotten to be a part of what she was experiencing. Its hard for me to let her go and be independant. She has already learned the letter A and can recognize it within other letters. She brought animals for show and tell for the letter A. It seems that Hailey has made many friends in class but her favorite will always be Holly who was in the same playgroup we have been going to.

All ready for school

Do you think she has enough fall clothes????

This is where Haileys coat and backpack hang at the house, I thought it was such a cute picture.