what a great catch!!

Daddy took Bug on her first fishing adventure. She had her line in the water for maybe 30 seconds on her first cast and she caught one!! A natural fisherwoman!! Bug loved the worms and helped Daddy put them right on the hook. She also picked up the fish without any hesitation and threw them back into the lake. Bug is such an outdoor girl but she has a girly side too. She wanted to take the worms and make a fairy house for them! Isn't she fantastic??!!

Day at the camper

The Parade

Instead of watching the Canal Days Parade this year, she was in it. All the contestants from the Queen contest rode a beautiful float. Bug chose to sit in the back and play with a little boy. Mommy and Daddy were so scared when they didn't see her sitting in the back but as the float came around there she was. She waved and was excited to see everyone watching her. Luckily, Bug's float was at the beginning of the parade so she was able to watch the rest of the parade as they came to the end. Her favorite by far was the Wizard of Oz princesses. They even had the horse of many colors!

Papaw Tyna's house!

Bug took a quick family trip to see Papaw Tyna in Michigan. Her Papaw spoils her with ice cream and all sorts of fun things. She is his "Matey" and they love playing pirates together. They even have a new secret handshake. Bug spent most of her time in the pool and riding her bike on the nice sidewalk (a luxury for some of us!). She thought it was so neat to ride through the sprinkler on her bike! Before she knew it, it was time to go home and a long drive to go with it.

Tuscora park... Bug's first real roller coaster

Daddy, Bug and Mommy took a little trip to Tuscora Park. Bug enjoyed her first roller coaster and ferris wheel ride. She enjoyed the roller coaster so much that she had to go back for a second ride! Bug rode several other rides and played on the many unique playgrounds. Ice cream and cotton candy was eaten and a nice ride home with one tired girl.

Garden Tea Party

Mommy & Bug dressed for tea and had a Garden tea party. Several dolls were in attendance also. The blanket was spread, the food was set and tea was served. Fun was had by all.

Grandma Camp & the Fireman's festival

Each summer, Bug spends a week at Grandma Tyna's house. She had lots of fun this year playing outside in the pool, having picnics, watering flowers and staying up late to catch lightening bugs. At the end of the week, Bug went to the Fireman's festival. Even after missing the parade, she had lots of fun riding rides and eating yummy fries! This is what summer is all about!

Canal Days Mini Queen Contest

Bug put on her best dress and entered the Canal Days Mini Queen Contest. Before the contest, Bug told Mommy & Daddy that it even if she didn't win, she would have fun. What a great attitude! She showed no hesitation getting up in front of a large crowd and being interviewed. Bug had a vibrancy to her with a good tone of voice and confidence. This is how the interview went:

Bug: Hi, my name is *Bug*!

Announcer: How old are you?

Bug: Good (some chuckles from the crowd)

Announcer: How old are you?

Bug: I am four, I went swimming. (more chuckles)

Announcer: Sounds like you want to say something

Bug: I played duck, duck, goose

Announcer: Who did you play with??

Bug: Nobody (laughs from the crowd)

Announcer: Oh you played by yourself?

Bug: Yea

Announcer: Do you have any pets?

Bug: Dandy (our cat Andy she renamed Dandy)

Announcer: Is that a cat or dog?

Bug: Cat

Announcer: Is it an inside or outside cat

Bug: Outside

Announcer: Thank you !! That was **Bug** (whispers from the crowd.. "she's so adorable")

  • Bug was patiently waiting to take the stage.

  • Making her amazing speech

  • Bug with Papaw & Grandma

  • Recieving her trophy and flower

  • Bug & Bee and Bee's little sister Rissa

The winners were chosen by random drawing of colored flowers. Bug did not win, but she didn't really even notice. Each contestant was given a trophy and a big bag full of goodies. All of the contestants get to ride in the Canal Days parade also. The contest is a great experience for Bug. Shows her confidence in herself and public speaking even at an early age. Bug's Grandma & Papaw came to watch and also Bug's best friend Bee. Everyone is so proud of her!

Learning at Roscoe..

Mommy, Daddy & Bug took advantage of the Coshocton appreciation days at Roscoe Village. First starting off at the welcome center, Bug dipped her own candle and also painted a spinning top. Bellies were growling, so it was off to The Warehouse for an outdoor lunch. Bug of course ordered a "squishy cheese sammich". The dinner was impossibly slow so Bug and Mommy ran off to the school lesson and left Daddy with the bill. Mommy & Bug were late for class and got scolded. Daddy was also scolded when he arrived even later. What bad students! After the school lesson, Bug took her dolly Kelly to Dr. Maro Johnson. The doctor learned from Bug that Kelly bites her nails and she has an upset stomach from eating too much cheese. He prescribed lots of hugs and kisses and some herbs for her upset tummy. The tour of the house was so neat and the fresh baked bread from the fire filled the whole house. To finish up the day, there was a relaxing ride on the Monticello III Canal Boat. It's so amazing the beautiful things you have right in your backyard.

First time bowler!

Bug went bowling for the first time! The ball was heavy for little arms but she did well scoring a 55. Bug was very aware of her surroundings. She was amazed with the ball return and was very conscious of the line. Mommy and Bug only played one game then went home for some nutritious "squishy cheese sammiches" and a movie night.