Fall foliage tour

Bug and Mommy explored our county by driving the fall foliage tour. The tour wasn't as expected but seeing the Mohawk Dam was the most interesting. The views were beautiful. We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Apple Butter Festival

Mommy, Bug and Daddy went to the Applebutter festival which is held at Roscoe Village every year. The smells of applebutter and kettle corn cooking on the kettle filled the air. Bug watched the blacksmith, beeswax maker, and the spoon maker at work. She made a wonderful manderine orange craft, decorated a pumpkin, made an acorn apple guy and got her face painted. It was the perfect fall day.

Devine Farms

Bug met up with her Grandma Tyna and Little Grandma (great grandma) at the pumpkin patch. She painted a pumpkin, played in the corn box, and got her face painted. The best part of the day was riding the barrel train ride and the wagon ride with her Grandmas! She has some awesome Grandmas!

First Kindergarten field trip!

Bug's class went to COSI for their first field trip. The bus ride was eventful as one bus broke down on the way there. The kiddos didn't seem to notice though. They were too busy socializing. Bug was in a group of 5 chaperoned by Mommy, Daddy and two other chaperones Uncle Millsie and Tiffany. The first stop was space. The kids had fun going into the imitation space shuttle. After lunch, it was time for the anticipated stop to see Clifford's learning center. Then onto Gadgets playing with the fun floating balls and down to the car lift which was the favorite by many of the kids. Last and wettest place was Ocean. With a neat atmosphere, the children had so much fun experimenting with water and getting inside a submarine submerged into water. With not a minute to spare the kiddos made it to the bus. After loading the kids onto the bus, Bug and Neeke got to go back into the museum and play in the kidspace. After leaving the museum, Bug and Neeke got to ride home together giggling and playing in the backseat. To continue a busy day, Bug just made it on time to dance class. It was also the last day of the fair and Bug begged to go. So off she went to the fair. Needless to say, she was one tired girl that night!

Fair time!!

Fair week is bigger then most holidays around here. Bug had several days off school to go to the fair. She ended up going 3 days. Sunday the first night she performed with her Dance school on the stage. She did a great job! Add Image

H for Hat

Bug was the special helper during the H week. She was so excited to bring in something special each day to show her class. She also got to be the line leader and help out the teacher during the day.

Grandma's House

Beautiful fall day at Grandma Tyna's house. Swinging on the swing, playing with kitties, eating favorite speghetti, and trying to fly a kite. What a great day!

School Picture Day!

O for Octopus

Air Show

Every couple years Coshocton has an Airshow. It is quite a big event for such a small airport. Bug had fun with her boy friends and really liked the bounce houses. She also liked the Misty Blues skydivers and their big American flag. Afterward Mommy, Daddy and Bug joined some friends to eat at Peggy Sue's.