Little Irish Bug

Buggy was in the spirit of St.Patrick's Day with her shamrock clips and green apparel. Bug made green milkshakes and flowers at school with food coloring. She also got a book from the Library about St.Patrick's Day. She learned about Saint Patrick, that he was from Ireland, why we wear green, and that her Papaw Tyna is half Irish.

Bedtime Story

Bug and Mommy started reading Charlotte's Web together at bedtime. Bug has been listening very intently and surprisingly really enjoys reading a chapter each night. The next chapter Wilber the pig will meet the spider! What a patient lil bug :)

The wonderful world of wiggly worms!

Bug took on a fun adventure at the Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. They offered a wonderful worm program that was fun and very hands on! The program started off explaining how useful worms are to us by turning decay into soil. What great recyclers! The children were able to pick out worms and view them with magnifying glasses and microscopes. Then came the icky gooey part!! Bug then went digging in the soil for worms! It was so surprising that she was ok with picking out the worms with her bare fingers and even found it fun! What an amazing girl!!

This week...

This week Bug is working on the letter H and the number 1. She is doing great recognizing the letter H because it is in her name. Right now she can recognize the letter H,O and X. She can count to 16. This week her favorite book from the library is Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes by Brian P. Cleary. The illustrations are so colorful and she loves how silly it is. Bug and Mommy are also working on some St.Patricks day crafts this week and we will be sure to post them later.

Fun at COSI

Mommy, Daddy and Bug took a trip to COSI this weekend and met up with some long missed friends. Bug really enjoyed playing with Lucy Lu (not her real name). Hailey really looks up to Lucy since she is older and followed her in whatever Lucy did. Bug said her favorite part of COSI was playing with the drum with a heart in it. Not sure of what she is talking about?? Mommy thought Bug had the most fun playing with the water and also in the baby doll doctor's office. Bug is such a fun and happy child that the whole day was exciting for her. She has no inhibitions and is a very assertive child when it comes to making friends. After COSI we went to the Spaghetti Warehouse with our friends for dinner. The wait was long but the food was so yummy! Bug of course was so tired on the way home she snoozed off from the long fun day.

Bug enjoyed using the tools like Daddy and fixing the house.

Bug and Daddy were putting in screws but not really sure what metal "finkerdinker"(Bug's term) they were building

Bug loves water play!! She played at this water station and also loved the ocean exhibit.