It's a circus around here!

Bug visited Grandma at her work. They were having a circus carnival fundraiser. Bug had so much fun. She went on a obstacle coarse, put on a circus tattoo, went in a bounce house, got a balloon kitty from the clown, and did ring & beanbag toss games. Bug loves yummy treats too! She ate cotton candy and sno cone. Bug is really starting to develop interaction skills. She went up all by herself to the cotton candy machine and paid for her cotton candy. What a big girl!!

Bug's graduation

First preschool graduation ... pretty soon it will be high school.... then college! For now we will all enjoy these magical days of Bug's amazing years. Bug did so well doing the graduation program and tears filled all of our eyes when Bug and Bee (Bug's best friend) hugged in the middle of the song. It was a nice program filled with a slideshow, recieving their diplomas and a cute song. What a wonderful day!

Recital picture preview

Teddy Bear Tea

For the last storytime of the year, they had a teddy bear tea party. Bug was very gentle using real tea cups and drank every bit of hot tea. Bug brought her own teddy bear wearing a matching dress. Before she left she had to get a picture with Mrs.Jones who is her favorite storyteller.

Bug's Birthday Bash!





Muffins with Mommy

Mommy joined the Bug at preschool for a special Mother's Day treat... Muffins with Mommy. Bug made a beautiful bracelet for Mommy but she didn't want Mommy to wear it yet, it was so beautiful she wanted to wear it herself! Finally a few days later Mommy got her turn. What a fun day!

The Garden Patch

Bug took a fieldtrip with her preschool to the Garden Patch. Hailey enjoyed touring the greenhouse with her best friend, Bee. As you can see the girls were chit chatting during the tour. The children got to learn about different types of plants and discussed ones that you eat. They tasted some herbs and surprisingly Bug ate something GREEN! She tried spitting it out, trying to be very discreet so her friends wouldn't see her. After the tour, Bug planted seeds and also a flower. She has become quite a pro at gardening helping Mommy plant flowers too. Spring has sure been fun for this Bug!

Sneak peek..

Here is a sneak peek of few of the pictures Mommy took for Bug's birthday invitations.