The Prom!

My niece had her Junior prom tonight and today I did her hair and makeup. I wasn't sure about her hair this time because it was so short. It turned out to be a "cookie cutter" style but still looked cute. We usually do something more funky and different. Regardless, she looked so beautiful. It seems like just yesterday she was Hailey's age. A few weeks ago we went shopping for her dress and jewelry. She wanted something short which is difficult for prom. We did find something that was short and looked pretty on her. I love spending time with her and helping her with all of her little problems that seem so detremental to her. She looks up to me and I am glad to try to give her adult advice without being such an "adult". I only was able to take a few pictures since I had to get to work, I can't wait to get some of her formal pictures. I hope she has a great time tonight and is being safe. Oh and speaking of prom! Kevin (the man I care for)are going to his prom on May 9th. I'm a nerd, but I'm so excited to take him :)

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Beth's Blog said...

I LOVE her dress, she looks soo beautiful!!