Busy Thursday

Thursday was such a busy day for us!! First we went to the Preschool Expo where we checked out many preschools. We have narrowed it down to two preschools. Both offer great things but are very different. Sacred Heart offers lots of field trips and activities, but Hopewell has highly educated teachers and pays attention to the childs individual development. Hopewell is for special needs children, but they take typical children on a waiting list. We are on the waiting list so we will see what happens. Shes only going to be 3 years old and already so many decisions!! So after all the mommy busy time it was time for Hailey's playgroup. They painted and there were a lot of kids there that day. We left a little early from playgroup to get away from the chaos and went on a picnic just Buggie and I :) It was so windy but Hailey really thought it was great to sit and eat out by the water. Being such a beautiful day we couldnt pass up a nice walk feeding the ducks and finishing up playing on the wooden playground. She made friends with a two little boys and they had fun on the swings and chasing each other. By two o'clock we headed home for a little nap and Buggie was soo worn out! She had a long day and zonked out for about two hours! So that was our busy thursday :)

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