Party girl!!

Of course with the holidays come parties! Bug loves parties and loves to play partytime at home. All in one day she had her school party which was Grinch themed and Mommy was the class mom. Bug had the most fun playing the musical grinch feet and was dancing away with her girl friends. After school it was off to her party at dance class. They had a bounce house, crafts, face painting, and lots more. By the time it was over she was sugared up and ready to get home for dinner and relax.

Gingerbread house tradition

It has become a tradition for Bug to make a gingerbread house. Here are posts from last year and the year before. This year she has become quite good at making them and it turned out great! Bug put all the candies in patterns and was very proud of doing that. When it was finished there was lots of leftover frosting. Mommy told Bug to open her mouth and squirted a bunch of icing right in! Bug thought this was halarious because it was something Mommy would never do!

Visit with Santa...

Bug had several visits with Santa. One in Michigan on the Santa Train and at the Mall. While Mommy had to do her last minute shopping, Bug got another chance to see Santa. This time she whispered to Mommy afterward that she thought he might be "real" Santa. She has figured out that not all of the Santa's are real. Regardless, she stuck to her one request... a Blizzard Maker. She also wanted Baby All Gone, and a Fur Real walking puppy but she always stuck to the Blizzard Maker first and foremost.

Christmas card pictures

Weekend at Papaws...

Papaw was so excited to see everyone and had his usual "treasure" awaiting Bug. First thing she does when she arrives is finds Papaw's change "treasure". She then dumps it out and Papaw likes for her to sort it in piles. The weekend was full of good food, laughs and a fun trip to Santa Train. The wait was quite long in the cold but meanwhile, Mommy had some time to catch up with a good friend and her cute little family. The train was fun and took you around the park to Santa's house with hot chocolate and a visit with Santa. Then you got back on the train and took another ride to the front of the park. It was such a quick but fun weekend!