A trip to Papaws and to my hometown

Last week we packed up and took the long haul to Michigan. It always surprises me when we pull off the exit, how homesick I get. I see all the familiar things that I grew up to love about the city and the home I grew up in. I also love seeing my Dad who we don't really get to see but every 6 months. Hailey really enjoyed being at Papaws house. He always spoils her with chocolate milk, cookies and ice cream. Plus she gets away with just about anything there! Shes even allowed to eat cookies in HIS chair. Growing up it was a strict rule that we were only allowed to eat at the table. ha ha! How grandchildren change dads into grandpas! Jeremy and I enjoyed the week of sitting by the pool drinking beer, great food and relaxing. My personal favorite was not having to cook!

We also spent one day going downtown on the people mover (above ground rail that goes around Detroit). Hailey loved this and kept saying choo choo allll aboard! as it stopped at each station.

Happy Anniversary my darling Husband!

On July 14th, Jeremy and I had been married for a year. I can't believe it went by so quick! One whole year and we haven't strangled each other yet. I think thats an accomplishment in itself ha ha! I got pretty flowers for our anniversary from Jeremy. And we tried eating our cake but we took one bite and about gagged. Why in the world do people do this tradition?? Cake thats been in the freezer for a year?? Nasty!

The Library is a Zoo!

When we heard that the Columbus Zoo was coming to the library we were pretty excited. After spending a week at Grandma tynas house Hailey headed off to the library. When we got there we were a little late getting there and we were stuck in the back of the auditorium. I was quite disappointed with the show. The program had been publicised for the 2-4 age group but it was not at all geared for that age group. The speaker spoke in terms for a 3rd grade and up level. I had to explain everything to Hailey in words she would understand. It was neat seeing the different animals though. They even had a baby leapord there! Hailey like a majority of the kids were only entertianed for about 10 minutes. We suffered through the program thinking Hailey could touch the animals after but Hailey refused. She was too excited about reading books and doing puzzles with Mommy afterward. Also Hailey thought the statues were really cool outside the library and she looked so cute playing with them so of course I took some pictures. On the way home we stopped for a picnic lunch at Dresden Pool Playscape/Park and had yummy ice cream afterward. It was a fun day to spend together and Hailey was fast asleep on the ride home.

That Saturday we went to the farmers market and Hailey dove right into one of her favorite treats.. Rasberrys! She ate about a half pint of them in one sitting. The other half is on her face!