Bug starts karate

Bug has wanted to take Karate lessons since a boy she knew told her girls do not do karate. She did very well listening to directions but she did not expect all the excersize and running. One thing Bug hates is running! She is really liked talking to the bigger girls and is excited to go back next time.

Bug's first drive-in movie

Bug wasn't really that impressed by the drive-in and the movie "The Incredibles" but she was very tickled to snuggle up with Mommy & Daddy in the back of the car.

Real life Amish

(turn off music at bottom to listen to video)

Mommy, Daddy and Bug took a beautiful day to explore Amish country. First stop was Guggisburg Cheese where we saw Little Switzerland. Next was Hershbergers Farm where they have a great petting zoo. Bug loved the piglets and the baby goats. She also had a ride on a little pony by a "real life amish girl" as Bug referred. The big stop was in Berlin, Ohio for some shopping and delicious Amish cooking at The Farmstead. The stores close at 5 so a long beautiful drive was needed before Bug's first drive in movie started at Lynn's Auto Theatre.

Tea party picnic

Bug invited her friends Bee and Rissa for a tea party picnic with thier dollies at the Roscoe Garden. Even though they were so hot they enjoyed eating thier lunch, sipping tea and exploring the garden.

Green bean lovin Bug!

Mommy and Bug got some green beans from the farmers market and they were delicious. Bug had never liked green beans but she LOVES cutting them and eating fresh ones. YUM!!

Summer Reading Program Pool Party

Bug read 34 books and recieved two rewards from the library. At the end of the program they had a pool party at Lake Park Aquatic Center. Bug met her friends Bee and Rissa there and had lots of fun playing.