Longaberger fireworks celebration

Yesterday we went to the Fourth of July celebration at Longaberger Homestead. They had so much going on for kids, huge bounce houses, men on stilts, balloon animals, and my favorite COSI on wheels! Hailey didn't care for the bounce houses because they were too crowded and muddy from the rain. So we went over and she got a balloon ladybug and heart tattoo. We all had a good time in the COSI tent and even Jeremy and I learned something. We ended the fun day by watching the awesome fireworks. They were surprisingly really nice and there were a few that we had never even seen before. Hailey was a bit sketchy and kept holding onto Jeremy because she thought the fireworks were going to pull him away or something. It was cute though! She loosened up though and enjoyed the show. She is excited for more fireworks on the Fourth at the campground. Anyone who wants to come out is more then welcome to join us :) Hope everyone has a fun Fourth of July!!

Last weeks events

Every week I try to have something special for Hailey to do. Last week I took her to Roscoe to do a craft and to watch them hand mix ice cream on a block. It didnt turn out as planned because the craft was not her age level and the streets were filled with all the bikers from the great ohio bike adventure(GOBA). Instead we roamed through the beautiful gardens which was great because Hailey loves gardening. I pointed out the names of each flower/herb/plant. We touched them for texture and named the coler. Her favorite part though was trying to spot frogs in the pond.

Last weekend we also had a wonderful day with my best friend Sarah and her little boy Gabriel. We dont get to see them enough and we had such a fun time catching up and just letting loose like you can only do with a best friend. We took the kids down to the Dulcimer festival in roscoe. The kids petted the animals in the petting zoo and then we sat and munched on kettle corn while listening to music. It was so nice being with my best friend again, I really needed it! I love you Sarah Annie!!

Rock on Daddy!! Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day!!! I just want to thank my husband for being an incredible Daddy. I don't know any other Daddy's who are so into thier little girl like Jeremy is. I never have to worry how things are going when she is with him. Jeremy has Hailey two nights a week and he does a great job. He makes her dinner and gives baths and even does her hair when they go out. He even lets her pretend to paint his nails! Jeremy took some time off work to go to Haileys special fathers day celebration at her playgroup. They painted cute rocks that said, "ROCK ON DADDY!". Hailey also made Jeremy a card at Mamaw & Papaw Tubbs house. Jeremy also got a fry daddy from Hailey and I that he has been wanting for awhile because I nag when he fries anything. I hate grease!! I hope he had a good Daddy's day because hes an awesome Daddy and deserves a thank you! Thank you Jeremy for being a rockin Daddy!!

First day at the pool

Last Wednesday was our first trip to the pool this summer. I wasnt sure how Hailey would react because last year she didn't like all the spraying. She did better this year and even went down the slide! It seems like every day she amazes me with something new. She always makes friends so easily and the pool was not any different. She immediatly made friends and had a great time playing. The sun was torture that day though. I applied sunscreen three times on her and she still got burnt. But like always, Hailey feels no pain or at least thats how she acts. Maybe shes just too busy to even realize. Regardless, I was happy she wasn't in pain because I felt guilty for letting her play so long in the sun.

Our vacation home

We now have a new project and "vacation" home. ha ha! not quite but we did get a camper. We have been enjoying getting away from the city every weekend and sometimes throughout the week. Its been a lot of work and there is still a lot to do. It just takes time to get everything. Hailey loves being out there where she can just run free but she really enjoys when her friend Sofia is there to play with. I love letting Hailey just play out in the yard and not have to worry about watching her every move. Jeremy and I love just sitting by the fire and enjoying talking with each other. It seems like we never just really get to spend quality alone time. This has been a great way to really reconnect. Its nice to be able to put the TV and all the busy stuff aside and really enjoy our family. We have also really had a great time having friends come by and friends are more then welcome anytime :) Just give us a call and bring your tent!