Theres a Bug in the Pool!

This week Bug took a swim class with Mommy & Daddy. Bug learned safety around water and worked on getting her face into the water. Bug now can plug her nose and dunk her head completely under the water! She is also doggie paddling very well with help and also floated. Bug's good friend Bee was also in the class with her which made it much more fun. Bug really loved that Daddy took her to class most of the week. Thank you Daddy!

This is the way to Papaw's House

Mommy & Daddy surprised Bug after school on Thursday all packed up and ready to go for a visit at Papaw Tyna's house in Michigan. After the long drive, Bug was so happy to be there. During the visit Bug kept Papaw Tyna very busy playing pirates and much more. Mommy and Bug visited several of Mommy's favorite parks. The whole family also took a regular trip on the People Mover. Bug was excited that we rode on a pink one which is her favorite color. When it was time to go back home she cried because she wanted to stay. She can't wait for the summer week vacation at Papaw's house!

Easter Morning!

Bug awoke very early Easter morning at 6:30 am. She woke up thinking that the Easter Bunny did not come to our house. As Bug went upstairs she was upset that he had dropped all the easter eggs on the floor. You can see from the video that she then found her basket. Bug didn't get much candy in her basket this year, but lots of fun things like a pink baseball bat and tee.

Mommy is so goofy with trying to take videos on our camera... She keep thinkings she can use it the same way she take photos. Be patient for the first part of the video.. its sideways! ha ha!!

Dying eggs

The sound is really low on this video, I'm not sure why.

Easter parties!

Bug had a busy day on Thursday with lots of celebrations. First she started off her day at Preschool. They turned sand buckets into bunny easter buckets which they used for the Easter Egg hunt. After school, Mommy promised Bug a picnic lunch, but a first stop by the playgroup she used to go to. At playgroup there was another egg hunt and also made a paper egg with corn syrup and food coloring. Bug has always loved doing crafts and playgroup always has such creative arts.

Visit with the Easter Bunny!

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny!

Bug was all dressed up and was off to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny. First she insisted on a picture with the Easter Bunny to get some candy. She then enjoyed a yummy pancake breakfast, but her favorite like always was sausage. She also had lots of fun with the egg hunt where she counted 8 eggs. She was so excited about opening each egg and finding candy in them.
Enjoying her sausage!

Sitting in the car pouting because she wanted the egg hunt to start.

Counting her eggs

Excited to see what is inside!