The Zoo... turning lemons into lemonade!

Since we had to go to columbus for Hailey's MRI, we decided to make a fun time of it and take a trip to the zoo the day before. We got to the zoo around lunchtime and had a picnic lunch. We then had a fun day exploring all the animals. I think Hailey was more interested in saying hello to all the kids rather then looking at the animals. At one point a tiger was laying right next to her and she was too busy playing with a little boy to notice. Jeremy and I were more amazed then she was. Haileys favorite was probably the turtles and the fish. We also got to touch the starfish in the aquarium. After a long hot day we headed off to our hotel to relax. We took a swim in the hotel pool which really grosses me out but we had a really fun time. Especially Hailey! Hailey is usually very skeptical about swimming in big pools but she was like a little fish that day and has been every since. The next day turned out to be a rough day for us, so I am very happy we had such a fun day at the zoo to make up for it! :)

Canal days week

I took Hailey for a fun day in Roscoe. Its only down the street, yet we have never really explored some of the things to do there. Canal days were a good time to get down there and take advantage of some free admissions. We went to the museum which honestly was pretty boring for both her and I. We then took Haileys baby to the doctor and took a tour of the doctors house. After we had a picnic in the garden where Jeremy and I got married. This year they have a butterfly tree that was covered in beautiful Monarch butterflies. Then Hailey painted a top and we finished the day with a beautiful ride on the horse drawn canal boat. It was a really fun but hot day! I never really realized the beauty of area until I rode the canal boat. Its amazing what you have right in your backyard! On Friday we watched the Parade which was full of every princess and queen within 50 miles! lol Hailey had so much fun chasing the candy.

Lunch at the airport

In early August we went for lunch on a Saturday at the Airport. It was such a beautiful sunny day and the temperature was perfect. It was really windy way up on top of the hill though. It was pretty cool to be able to be so close and watch the planes take off. We could even walk up to the parked planes and look inside. I think we all had a good time doing something different and intriguing. After our lunch we found some great garage sales. Our best find was the shabby chic chair for 2 bucks!

catching up.. Girls night

Its been awhile so I will start from the beginning of August. Hailey and I had a fun girls night. We started off at First Friday where Hailey went in the jump house, got her face painted and then it started pouring rain. We walked back to the car in the rain and then stopped and got some movies. Hailey loves watching Stuart Little and she calls it Little little. When we got home we made our homemade pizza and watched movies together. I love these cozy nights with my little girl!