Catching up ...

So I haven't posted anything in a few days so I thought I would just catch up on what we have been doing. Since its been so warm outside Hailey and I have been outside cleaning out the flower beds and raking the yard. I can already see that she is going to be my little helper this summer. This summer should be super fun! Hailey will be old enough to play shortie soccer and tee ball. Jeremy being the over protective dad that he is, does not want Hailey playing tee ball yet because she might get hurt and scare her away from softball. So shortie soccer watch out.. cus here comes Buggie! Also the preschool expo is coming up April 17th which we will be checking out. I cant believe she will already being going to preschool! She's still my little baby! She is so excited for her third birthday though. We finally decided on having it at Kids America and having a Dora theme. Hailey is thrilled about the idea and of course I've already started my shopping and preparations. The party will be Memorial day weekend so I hope everyone will be able to make it. Well anyways.. thats what we have been up to! Til the next time!

This picture was taken two years ago around this time of year :( it seems like just yesterday!!

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