Disney on Ice

Bug and Mommy went to see Disney on Ice. Bug had lots of fun and her favorite part of the show was the superheros, The Incredibles. Bug also enjoyed watching the princess portion of the show. Bug was more excited about going to Chucky Cheese to meet up with Aunt Sarah, Jim and Gabriel. After watching the Chucky Cheese commercial, Bug has been reminding Mommy that it is the place where a kid can be a kid. When Mommy and Bug left Chucky Cheese, they headed down to Grandma Tyna's house to spend the night. It was such a wonderful time for Bug and Mommy.

Better late then never Valentine's Party

Two weeks after Valentines Day, Bug's class celebrated the holiday. First they made heart people. Then they had yummy snacks (Mommy made heart cheese and trail bologna in the shape of a big heart). The most fun part was left for last which was passing out Valentines. Bug made her own valentines as she does every year and was very excited to give them to her friends. She was just as excited to recieve all the valentines from her friends. When returning home after school, Bug tore into all her valentines and couldn't wait to see who they were from. Bug recognized her friends names from sounding out the letters. It shouldn't be very long before she will be reading!

No secrets on Valentine's Day!

Bug has no concept of secrets. Mommy and Bug ventured out in the snow to buy Daddy a new fishing pole for Valentine's day. During dinner that night, Bug informs Daddy that he needs a new fishing pole and that she bought him one. Mommy and Daddy are better at keeping secrets. On Valentine's Day, Mommy & Daddy gave Bug a webkins unicorn(Bug loves unicorns at the moment), some chocolates, a princess & frog tee shirt, and a balloon. Daddy is very good at keeping secrets and sent Mommy some pretty flowers at work. To avoid the crowds, Bug's little family as she calls it, went to eat an early dinner at The Warehouse in Roscoe Village and shopped in the quaint little shops afterward. It was nice to get out of the house for awhile and get some fresh air.

Exploring the continents with the Olympics

Bug has been studying her continents at school as well as at home. The olympics has been a great way for her to understand all the cultures coming together. Mommy explained that each ring in the olympic symbol represents a continent and they are all put together like each country comes together to compete in the games. Bug has also started studying Asia at home and checked out books from the library about the cultures and landmarks. Bug can now tell where Asia is on the globe and relates her favorite cartoon, Ni hau ki lan to the continent.

Making Valentines

Bug hand made all her valentines for her school friends a week before the planned school party. She carefully cut out hearts, wrote her name, and glued them onto paper heart doilies. She worked very hard on them and is eagar to give them out at the valentines day party.


As predicted, this winter has overwhelmed Ohio with snow. Bug enjoyed playing in it at first but after a week of school cancellations and twice cancelled Valentine's Day party, she was quite tired of the snow.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Bug helped Mommy bake cupcakes for Daddy's birthday with her new cupcake maker she got from Santa Claus.

New Years Eve

To bring in 2010, Bug went to the New Years Eve party at Kids America with Mommy & Daddy. Bug ran into a few friends there and enjoyed playing in the huge bounce houses, on the soccer fields, and getting her face painted. Before Bug went to the party she ate one of her favorite meals, kielbasa and kraut and also made her rockin 2010 glasses. Then after returning home, Bug helped Mommy bake cookies and get all the instruments ready for the midnight celebration. She danced around to the music getting ready for the countdown and was so excited when midnight came. Mommy and Bug went on the porch and made lots of noise for the neighbors to welcome in the new year. Grandma Tyna called to wish a happy new year and then finally it was off to bed.