The circus is in town!

Bug saw postings around town that the circus was coming. Bug was very excited about it, so Daddy and Bug planned a "Daddy & Bug Day"! Being in a small town, it was a small circus but included a boxing kangaroo and a trapeze artist. During the show, the children were invited to sit in front and Bug shared her circus cookies with some new found friend. She came home with a coloring book and lots of stories.

recital costume preview!

Ducky from Kentucky!

Bug has been asking for a cat, dog, or whatever pet besides a fish. She finally got a new addition to the family, her very own duckling! Bug's cousin Kina bought the duckling as an early birthday present with Mommy's permission and surprised Daddy when he came home. Duckling has been noisy and a lot of work but is so much fun. He follows Bug around the yard where ever she goes. She has named it Duckling but Grandma Tyna and "Boss" call it Ducky from Kentucky because of a past funny Bug story.

Egg hunt at Grandma Tynas

Easter dinner at Granny's

Easter Morning

Reading the Easter story on Easter eve.
opening her candy..

stretching... so early!!

Beautiful Bug.

Mommy & Bug's backyard egg hunt

Here is last year's easter egg hunt at the breakfast with the easter bunny.

Decorating easter eggs

Bug had fun decorating and eating easter eggs. She likes peeling them and eating the whites, throwing out the yolks. Here and here is some easter decorating from years past.

Playing outside with Daddy