Christmas Morning!

Hailey was so tired from the day before, she slept until almost 10! Mommy and Daddy got so impatient we had to wake her up. The moment she opened her eyes she asked if Santa had came. When we said yes she went running. Before she even looked for presents she went to the cookie plate and was very excited that Santa ate all of her cookies and left a special one just for her. Then we started opening presents. Hailey was more excited about baby dolls and a little tea set rather then her bigger presents.

Hailey made Mommy & Daddy a Christmas gift at school.

It was Mommy's & Daddy's favorite gift!

Cookies for Santa

After all the festivities of Christmas Eve, we still managed to make cookies for Santa. I refuse to let this tradition die, no matter how busy we are. I even let her bake in her pretty dress!! Mommy was so tired to care!!

Christmas Eve fun!

After having breakfast at Grandma Tynas house, we headed over to Papaw and Grandma Tubbs house. Like every Christmas, Hailey gets so excited and starts ripping through presents. After all the action, Hailey was very content coloring in her new Magic marker Dora book. After loading up lots of presents, we were off to Grannys house! Granny always has lots of yummy food and surprisingly Hailey sat nicely and ate a whole plate. When gift time comes, paper starts flying and fun chaos breaks out. After its over, everyone is literally buried in presents and wrapping paper! Its always very exciting.

Christmas Eve breakfast

Christmas Eve breakfast at Grandma's was very nice. Hailey was very excited to unwrap her first gifts of Christmas. According to her, the Disney princess carriage was "what she wanted her WHOLE life!".

Hailey also loves spending time with her favorite playmate Little Grandma. She was so sad when it was time to say goodbye. But Little Grandma promised her a sleepover at her house which made things much better.

It was raining when leaving, and Hailey looked so cute with her umbrella.

Candlelighting ceremony in Roscoe

The candlelighting in Roscoe was beautiful but very cold. There were crafts, cookies and hot apple cider. It was such an experience to see a large group of people holding candles singing silent night.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

At preschool they had a birthday party for Jesus. They played games,painted their noses like Rudolph, Santa visited, and they had birthday cake for Jesus.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Mommy ran out of powdered sugar and we made such a mess, but we had a bunch of fun :)

Bug was so excited to put the star on the top of the tree.

Watching the Rockettes

The Bug and Mommy went to see the Rockettes. First we went to Bucco de Beppos where Hailey was so excited to have such a large plate of pizza. She said she had a big girl plate because she was so big now. After eating, we headed over to Nationwide Arena for the show. Haileys favorite part of the show was Santa flying with the kids over her head. She was so surprised at the streamers that popped out and fell on top of us. Mommy's favorite was the nativity show. What a beautiful site to see all the beautiful kings celebrate the birth of Jesus. It was the perfect show to get us in the holiday spirit.

Little Ballerina

It was parent watch week and Bug had fun playing with the jingle bells.

Family pictures

The big family

The beautiful bug

The Boys & Bug

Papaw & Bug

Grandma & Bug

Thanksgiving weekend with Papaw Tyna

Thanksgiving Day we all woke up and watched the Thanksgiving day parade on TV. Daddy went to the Thanksgiving Day game at Ford field while everyone back at the house helped with dinner. Hailey was the first at the table and ready to eat turkey, but then two bites later she was done! Hailey enjoyed being spoiled by her Papaw Tyna who gives her anything her little heart desires.

During our visit Hailey went ice skating for the first time. She thought it was so new and exciting but became frustrated and just wanted Mommy to skate her around on the ice. We also got to see Polar Express 3D on the IMAX. It is an awesome experience! It was adorable to see Hailey try to catch the golden ticket.