The young feminist

The other day Bug was out playing with the neighborhood boys. One of them told her that girls did not do karate. That made her furious! She sternly told them that girls DO karate. She then came home and told Mommy all about the conversation and wanted to join karate. Gotta love her strong personality!

Date with Mommy

Mommy & Bug went out to dinner, took a walk through the Roscoe Gardens and stopped at the General Store for some candy. Afterward, it was a perfect evening to listen to the city band play on the courtsquare. Then Bug saw her first play at the Triple Locks Theatre. The children put on a great play from the movie, 101 Dalmations.

The Works

Bug and Mommy took a trip to The Works. It was lots of fun to play and learn. The Velvet Ice Cream Company held a special event that day which taught the kids how to make thier own ice cream.

First baseball game

Bug went to her first baseball game on the fourth of July. It was the Tigers vs. Seattle at Comerica Park. It was a day game and very hot outside so Bug didn't spend much time in her seat which was out in the sun. Luckily it was kids day and they had lots of things to do. Bug got her face painted, rode the tiger carasoul, rode the baseball ferris wheel. At the end of the game Bug got to run the bases. Daddy was more excited about it then she was but she had a great time.

Days with Papaw

Bug's time spent with Papaw were in the pool, cooking out and chasing down the ice cream man. Papaw would buy her and the whole neighborhood ice cream each time the truck came down the street, which is quite often at Papaws. Bug got two to three ice creams each day she was there. Bug also loves finding her treasure when she gets to Papaw's house. Papaw saves all his change for Bug and puts it in a treasure bag for Bug to find each time she comes.

Going downtown

Every summer trip to Papaw Tyna's requires a trip to downtown Detroit to ride the people mover and exploring the city. Every year it seems so new and exciting for Bug.
Hart Plaza
People Mover

Fourth of July Parade at Papaw Tynas

Over the Fourth of July, Bug took a trip with Mommy & Daddy to Papaw Tyna's house in Michigan. On Saturday before the 4th there was parade in downtown Wyandotte. Bug's favorite part of the parade was seeing the unicorn. She was thrilled that she saw a real life unicorn! It's amazing that she has such a fairytale image of the world.

Independance Day celebration

The Longaberger Homestead had a great Independance Day celebration. After shopping around all the neat stores, Bug met up for dinner with her friends Neeke & Trippie. Afterward was fun in the bounce houses, playing putt putt golf and having awesome balloons made by Matt the Balloon Guy . Bug wanted a doll balloon and loved playing with it! To end the night everyone gathered on the grass to watch some awesome fireworks. For the next couple days Bug wanted to sleep with her balloon doll and was bummed when Mommy & Daddy warned her that it would deflate. She chose to put it on her nightstand instead.