Haileys 3rd Birthday Party!

First this first, Happy birthday to my little girl!! Hailey was so excited about her Dora birthday party and she had been so patient about waiting for it. I learned my lesson with planning a date though. Never again on a holiday weekend. I had invited about 65 people and planned for a lot of people. We rented out a room at Kids America which is an indoor soccer arena. A handfull of kids showed up and they had a blast chasing each other around. We did a dora star hunt which they really had fun doing. Hailey had a super cute dora cake for herself and purple dora cupcakes for everyone else. Things just didnt seem to go my way for her party this year, like I forgot the batteries to my camera so I only have a few pictures. But the point of the party was for Hailey to have fun and I know she had a wonderful birthday party. She keeps talking about her friends that came and everything we did. It makes me so happy that she had a good time :) Next year is tea party time!!! I already have started planning! Ok so I know I'm this crazy obsessed mother. But hey... its what I do best :)

Cookout at the Cox's Camper

On Sunday before Memorial day we went out to Charles' camper for a cookout with the Cox crew which includes the 15 kids lol.. not really but there were a lot of kids. Hailey had a blast and loved playing with all of them. Hailey has never been outdoors by a campfire and she really enjoyed it. She was so excited about roasting marshmellows and she ate probably 10 marshmellows by herself. We had so much fun that we are in the process of buying a camper very soon and getting a campsite. Hopefully we can get everything going by fourth of july and invite everyone out there. Anyways... Thanks charles! We had a great time on sunday!!

My Husband

Most of the time, when you spend every waking moment with the people in your life you take them for granted. I do it myself very much so especially in my marriage. Within the daily hustle of life, bickering about all the little things and being too busy to notice each other, we often dont remember what it was that made us fall in love. Lately I've been trying to take time and appreciate what a wonderful man I married. Jeremy and I are like that old married couple. We bitch all day at each other but when you take a good look at us, you'll find us holding hands at no particular moment or sharing a knowing look at each other. We are best friends and know all the little quirks about each other. I love that Jeremy knows when to just back down and let me have my way ... and when to stand up for himself. And just when I think I want to strangle him, he hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. Jeremy would never let anyone else know how sensitive he is but I catch him all the time tearing up when Hailey does or says something amazing or even a sad story on TV ha ha... he hates watching extreem home addition because it makes him cry! ohh dear I've said too much! Good lord I love this man! Of course hes by far perfect and neither am I. He is not exactly Mr.Handiman and sometimes his decision making makes me wonder. Between wanting to strangle him and bickering, I have to take the time to appreciate how much I love him. So here is to my husband, incredible daddy and all round wonderful man :) I love you!

I went to prom!!

Friday I took Kevin to the prom that his workshop has every year. At first the loudness of the music bothered him and we went in the hall. Then we heard Achy Breaky Heart and Kevin was ecstatic! He started bouncin his head, laughing and movin his wheelchair around. We had such a fun time dancing and spinning him around. After that song we sat back and people watched. Watching people with mental disablities really makes me wonder about what really defines happiness. Everyone feels sorry for people with disabilities. I always admire them. I sit back and see all these people genuinely happy and laughing and realize that I have never seen such a group of happy people. What is happiness?? Are we really the ones with the disablity to be happy with the simple things in life??? So when you see someone with mental disabilities don't pity them. Admire the fact that they will be more happy then we could ever be.

Birthday dress

After getting Hailey's picture taken, we stopped at Clary Gardens for some pictures.
This is my favorite picture

Hailey twirling around her pretty birthday princess dress

Hailey loves blowing the dandilions and watching them fly away

First Friday

First Fridays are one thing we look forward to here in Coshocton. They are so fun and free. First Friday is a celebration on Main street with all the businesses and other community organizations. They have face painting, balloons, bounce house and tons of other stuff. We always run into people we know and its nice see what is going on in the community. We werent there very long before we heard a severe thunderstorm was coming soon. We did face painting, the bounce house, got a balloon. We pretty much finished up when it started to sprinkle and two seconds later a big windstorm hit and we ran for the car. Hopefully next month the weather will cooperate. Although we still had fun before it rained :)