Blooming Memories

Now that the warm weather has arrived, my flower beds have transformed into beautiful blooming flowers. I always feel so wonderful when my flowers bud into bright little rows of color! It takes me back to my memories of helping my grandma in her garden and flower beds. I spent summers visiting my Grandma and Grandpa and they were some of the most incredible memories that I have. My grandpa was always in his workshop making woodcrafts and to this day I always love the smell of sawdust because it reminds me of him. And we would take bike rides around the super small quiet town which was quite different from where I grew up. Afterward my grandma would always get a big glass ice water for us and call it sun juice. While we sipped our sun juice we would sit on the front porch with buckets of green beans and snap the ends off them. It's funny how little things like flowers blooming can take you back to sweet memories. I hope that Hailey's life is filled with flower blooming memories and much more. I am surely grateful for mine!

my beautiful little blooms!

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