Who was naughty and nice??

Bug was very excited that Santa came on Christmas morning. She thought she must have been a really good girl since she got so many presents. Her favorite was her Leapster 2. She also really loved having her stocking filled with neat goodies. Daddy's stocking also had some goodies in it, so Bug wondered why Mommy didn't have anything. The consensus was that Mommy was put on the naughty list!

Getting ready for Santa

Bug made sure she put out the cookies she made at Grandmas and Reindeer food out on the porch. Bug also put out a special Santa key for him to get into the house.

Christmas Eve

The first stop on Christmas Eve was Granny's at noon. Bug had fun with lots of family and yummy food. Bug also loves Granny's Christmas room.

Bug loves her Granny!!

and Aunt Connie & Uncle Randall

Next was Papaw & Grandma's house....

The last stop on Christmas Eve was Grandma Tyna's house. Everyone had lots of fun with Bug unwrapping presents, making cookies, and watching old christmas home movies. Bug got to see old movies of Grandpa Gill who will always be with the family in hearts and memories.
One of Grandma & Bug's favorite parts of Christmas is eating chocolate covered cherries.