What happens at Grandmas, stays at Grandmas!

Bug spent 3 days at her Grandma Tyna's house and had so much fun! Each night Bug was able to stay up late and catch fireflies, roast marshmallows, watch movies and eat popcorn. The days were filled with playing in the pool. Bug can't wait for her next visit to Grandmas!

fun filled summer days..

Bug has been going to the summer reading program for arts and crafts and lunch on the deck. After lunch, Bug and Mommy stopped by the Art Asylum to take a look at some artwork. Bug didn't want to leave because there were so many neat things to look at.

Taking the animals to the zoo..

Bug went with her two friends, Neeke & Trippy to the zoo. They pet the snake in the reptile exhibit.
Saw the manatees..the touch pool in the aquarium..rode the carasoul..
watched the monkeys..
rode the boat in Australia exhibit...

and fed the lorikeets.

Bug said her favorite was the monkeys and the bats although the elephant experience was amazing. The elephant was playing in the water and the kids got a close up encounter. The weather was perfect and even the ride home was fun.

Summer is here!

It's been so hot so Bug got out the slip and slide and had some fun!

Hot Air Balloon Festival

On Friday evening of the Hot Air Balloon Festival, Bug, Mommy & Daddy went to see the balloons take off at the fairgrounds. The weather was not well enough to take off so Bug rode a ride and then it was off to get some ice cream. Later in the evening Bug got to watch the fireworks with Neeke & Trippy (Bug's future husbands). Saturday evening the balloons were able to take off and this was the view from the backyard.

Spring soccer in review

Bug made a drastic change in her soccer skills this season compared to last season. This season there were 5 girls and 2 boys on her team. Out of all the players, Bug and two other girls were the only ones who really wanted to participate. Bug became quite aggressive and did great at playing all the positions. She made goals at 3 of the games! During some of the games, she had fun playing against some of the girl friends she knew on the opposing team. The last game was very hot and Bug was not feeling well at all. She toughed it out and played most of the game. After the last game, each of the kids received an award and had a little ceremony.

Dance class swim party

After dance recital weekend, there is always a end of year swim party. Mommy was set that they weren't going because it was a bit chilly and calling for rain. A half hour before it started, Bug conned Mommy into changing her mind. Mommy & Bug headed off to the Lake Park Aquatic Center. Bug played for about an hour and met some new friends along with her dance friends. When dark clouds starting rolling in, Bug decided on her own that it was time to go. And of course, Bug also talked her way into an ice cream stop on the way home.

Dance Recital

Bug had a wonderful performance at the end of the year dance recital. The theme of the recital was Disney. Bug's class performed "A dream is a wish your heart makes". They closed the performance with an "It's a small world" parade and a cute thank you song. Bug had a lot of fun and was very proud. It was a rainy day but Bug had 3 grandmas (Little Grandma, Grandma Tyna, and Great Grandma Tubbs) there to cheer her on and also Mommy & Daddy. Afterward Mommy, Daddy & Bug went out for pizza as a special treat.

Memorial Day Weekend

Mommy, Daddy & Bug went camping 5 minutes from the house. They had lots of fun going to the waterpark, going on the paddleboats, fishing and went for a short hike on a trail. At night Bug was a little weary of some things she saw from the campfire. Mommy and Bug went for a night walk to see that what she saw wasn't so scary. Bug thought that was pretty neat. It was a fun weekend!

The Graduate

Bug is now ready for Kindergarten! She has graduated from Montessori Preschool. Bug had a great year, made lots of new friends and had lots of fun with some amazing teachers.

First visit from the Tooth Fairy!

The day after Bug's 5th Birthday, she lost her first tooth! Her front bottom right tooth had been loose for several days and in the morning Mommy saw it was very loose and pulled on it. It came right out! Bug was so excited and ran to the mirror. Mommy asked her what she wanted the Tooth Fairy to bring her. She said she wanted a diamond ring! The Tooth Fairy ran to the store late that night and got her a pair of tinkerbell earrings since they were fresh out of diamond rings. Bug couldn't wait until morning and woke at 2 am and woke Mommy and Daddy. Bug looked under the pillow and was thrilled to find the earrings along with a coin dollar. Half asleep, everyone went back to bed. Two days later the tooth next to it came out! Since Bug was on a camping trip the Tooth Fairy had to wait a couple days until she got home. The Tooth Fairy brought Bug four quarters the second time. Hopefully Bug keeps the rest of her teeth in for awhile!

Hailey's birthday fairy tea party

When all the girls arrived each was transformed with glittery fairy tattoos, magic fairy glitter, fairy wings and tutus. Then it was time for tea! All the little fairies were welcomed to the table and told of all the tea party etiquette. Each girl politely put thier napkin in lap and used manners to enjoy all the sweets. After sipping tea and lemonade, everyone sang Bug her special birthday song. Pass the parcel game was next and all the girls excitely sat in a circle and each got a turn to unwrap a layer, when getting to the last layer everyone got lots of prizes to take home. After the rain had stopped, it was the perfect time to build fairy houses in the garden. The girls paired up and built thier fairy houses out of natural materials. Afterward the girls got to run around and play. It was a beautiful day for a great fairy tea party!

Fairies who came to celebrate Bug's 5th birthday were Madalyn, Sydney, Shaniah, Carolyn, Mandolin, and Ava! Hailey's Best friend, Bee wasn't able to come because she was sick in the hospital. :(