Storytime with Daddy

Daddy took Bug to the library Christmas party. They read Olive the other reindeer and made a christmas tree craft. Then Rudolph made a surprise appearance! On the way home, Bug told Daddy, "Daddy, I think that was just someone dressed up as Rudolph shakin their booty". Daddy thought this was so funny and laughed and laughed with her.

Theatre and shopping with Momma

Bug and Mommy went to the Children's Theatre in Columbus to see Babes in Toyland. The front row seats were great! Since Bug was very little she has always loved musicals. This one was no different. She loves when they sing and gets entranced by the performance. After the show, the next stop for Mommy and Bug was Easton Town Center. It was so cold but the horse drawn carriage rides and the carolers was beautiful. It was fun having dinner there and shopping at the fun girly stores like Justice and Claires and of course ToysRus.

Oh Christmas Tree..

Miracle on Main parade

This year Bug didn't walk in the parade with her dance school. It's lots more fun watching the parade. It was a cold friday night and Main street was very crowded. Bug, Mommy & Daddy found a spot and snuggled up with some hot chocolate and cookies that were being passed out courtesy of the city. It's great being a part of a community that has so many wonderful free activities. Bug was excited about her hot chocolate but not as excited about running after the candy. No one could have guessed that she came home that day from school sick with a tummy ache. After the parade was done it was the weekly family movie night topped off with some yummy homemade pizza.