Surprise Granny!

Granny's surprise party was lots fun for Bug. She had some of her favorite people there and her favorite food, CAKE!!

Let's go Bug! Let's go!!

Bug went to Biddy Cheer Camp this week. Bug did the Basketball cheer camp a couple years ago. Click HERE to see it. This year the camp performed at the high school football game after learning 15 cheers that week. Bug's favorite part was being a part of the tunnel where the players run out. She was so excited when they broke through the banner. She cheered hard for the first quarter of the game, then she got to sit with Mommy & Daddy in the stands. But not before she got a snow cone even though she was freezing! Daddy even caught her a team ball they through into the stands. Let's go Bug! Let's go!!

What Bug has been doing at school..

Bug really enjoys kindergarten. She has been learning to write her name, numbers and the letters L & O in correct handwriting. The bookmobile has visited the school and Bug is getting her very own library card soon!

Mommy's birthday song!

Mommy's surprise!

Daddy & Bug planned a surprise birthday party for Mommy! Lots of family and friends were there and it was a great party!

First Friday and G-force

Bug had a few of her favorite people in town for the First Friday celebration. Her Papaw Tyna came to visit and he came with her to see her favorite band G-Force. Papaw, Bug, Mommy & Daddy had dinner and spent the rest of the evening at the celebration and listening to the band. She danced, went in the bounce house, played games and enjoyed visiting with her Papaw. So much fun all in one friday evening!

Bug's first week of school fashion


First day of Kindergarten!!

Bug, Mommy and Daddy all walked into school together. Mommy and Daddy were very nervous but Bug was so excited. She hung up her backpack and sat on the carpet area very nicely waiting for her teacher to start class. Mommy and Daddy were hesitant to leave but left Bug smiling and happy. Mommy didn't cry until she got outside of the school and Daddy teared up a little bit. It was hard for Mommy & Daddy to not think of Bug all day and drove by several times throughout the day. Mommy picked up Bug outside the school and Bug was excited to tell all about her day. Bug read the kissing hand and drew a picture of her hand and colored it.

Last day of summer fun

The last day of summer, Bug and Mommy went to Windy Hill Berry Farm to pick berries. The farm is on top of a hill and the view was beautiful! When they got home they washed them and made a yummy pie. This was Mommy's first time making pie and pie crust. It was yummy!