Our vacation home

We now have a new project and "vacation" home. ha ha! not quite but we did get a camper. We have been enjoying getting away from the city every weekend and sometimes throughout the week. Its been a lot of work and there is still a lot to do. It just takes time to get everything. Hailey loves being out there where she can just run free but she really enjoys when her friend Sofia is there to play with. I love letting Hailey just play out in the yard and not have to worry about watching her every move. Jeremy and I love just sitting by the fire and enjoying talking with each other. It seems like we never just really get to spend quality alone time. This has been a great way to really reconnect. Its nice to be able to put the TV and all the busy stuff aside and really enjoy our family. We have also really had a great time having friends come by and friends are more then welcome anytime :) Just give us a call and bring your tent!


Beth's Blog said...

I Love the newly painted "O" on the side!! Who did that?

The life of mom said...

Looks like lots of fun!