Longaberger fireworks celebration

Yesterday we went to the Fourth of July celebration at Longaberger Homestead. They had so much going on for kids, huge bounce houses, men on stilts, balloon animals, and my favorite COSI on wheels! Hailey didn't care for the bounce houses because they were too crowded and muddy from the rain. So we went over and she got a balloon ladybug and heart tattoo. We all had a good time in the COSI tent and even Jeremy and I learned something. We ended the fun day by watching the awesome fireworks. They were surprisingly really nice and there were a few that we had never even seen before. Hailey was a bit sketchy and kept holding onto Jeremy because she thought the fireworks were going to pull him away or something. It was cute though! She loosened up though and enjoyed the show. She is excited for more fireworks on the Fourth at the campground. Anyone who wants to come out is more then welcome to join us :) Hope everyone has a fun Fourth of July!!

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The life of mom said...

Little miss Hailey looks so sleepy in the last picture. Glad that you guys had fun! Have a good vaca.