Rock on Daddy!! Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Daddy's Day!!! I just want to thank my husband for being an incredible Daddy. I don't know any other Daddy's who are so into thier little girl like Jeremy is. I never have to worry how things are going when she is with him. Jeremy has Hailey two nights a week and he does a great job. He makes her dinner and gives baths and even does her hair when they go out. He even lets her pretend to paint his nails! Jeremy took some time off work to go to Haileys special fathers day celebration at her playgroup. They painted cute rocks that said, "ROCK ON DADDY!". Hailey also made Jeremy a card at Mamaw & Papaw Tubbs house. Jeremy also got a fry daddy from Hailey and I that he has been wanting for awhile because I nag when he fries anything. I hate grease!! I hope he had a good Daddy's day because hes an awesome Daddy and deserves a thank you! Thank you Jeremy for being a rockin Daddy!!

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The life of mom said...

As cute as this picture is, I do question what exactly Jeremy is wearing while getting his nails done :0)