Last weeks events

Every week I try to have something special for Hailey to do. Last week I took her to Roscoe to do a craft and to watch them hand mix ice cream on a block. It didnt turn out as planned because the craft was not her age level and the streets were filled with all the bikers from the great ohio bike adventure(GOBA). Instead we roamed through the beautiful gardens which was great because Hailey loves gardening. I pointed out the names of each flower/herb/plant. We touched them for texture and named the coler. Her favorite part though was trying to spot frogs in the pond.

Last weekend we also had a wonderful day with my best friend Sarah and her little boy Gabriel. We dont get to see them enough and we had such a fun time catching up and just letting loose like you can only do with a best friend. We took the kids down to the Dulcimer festival in roscoe. The kids petted the animals in the petting zoo and then we sat and munched on kettle corn while listening to music. It was so nice being with my best friend again, I really needed it! I love you Sarah Annie!!

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