Winter sucks!

It seems like the flu bug has caught up with everyone. December and January were pretty good now we are paying for it in February. I can't wait for all this snow to be gone and for everyone to be healthy. My poor Hailey caught a bug at the Disney on ice show and is running a temp of 103/4. I keep getting the temp down to 99 but 3 hours later its back up again :( Exhuasting between constant cool baths, meds, popciclies and taking temps. Shes my little trooper though. You would never guess anything was wrong with her. Shes still eating and doing normal activities. But every so often she tells me that she doesnt feel good. It breaks my heart to hear those words, but I'm glad that she can vocalize how she feels now. My poor girl! Anyways, I cannot wait for all this snow to be gone and summer to be here! snow snow go away!!!

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