Hailey's big girl bed

Last night was Hailey's first night in her big girl bed! I was very skeptical when she walked in on me taking down her toddler/crib bed. She gasped and started crying, "Mommy! My bed! What are you doing to my bed!". I told her I was putting up her big girl bed and she was still hesitant about it. But when I got her room back in order and her big bed up she was pretty happy about it. That night we did the same routine, story.. song... kisses.. then close the door. Lately I have been having to fight with her for an hour doing the "Nanny" routine until she falls asleep. But with the big girl bed, we closed the door and she went right to sleep. I think its because the mattress is so much more comfortable and I also have a mattress pillow cover on it. Its like sleeping on a cloud! I still have to find the sheets to match her room (pink/white polka dots). We still have some painting to finish up which has taken forever for us procrastinators. But for now shes pretty excited about her pink big girl room! I'm happy yet sad about it. I love her being so independant and we have a blast together, but I know this wont last for long.Before I know it, she will be off to school and my best friend wont be with me all the time. For some people this sounds strange but she is my best friend. My little buddy. We do everything together and have such a good relationship. I hate to think of a day that she won't do everything and share everything with me. But that is a part of parenthood we have to deal with. I'm just sad that my little baby is growing up :(

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