Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last night Hailey had such a fun time making her first valentines for her playgroup. And we also made "healthy brownies" which didnt turn out as well as I would have liked. But they did taste alright enough to take for the the kids. They had spinach and carrots in it which sounds really gross but you cant really taste it. The recipe was from Jessica Seinfields book Deceptively Delicious. Maybe she should make a new title because those things were not exactly delicious but hey I had to try it.

Hailey thought it was christmas all over again today! I got Hailey balloons, 5 valentine books, a heart purse with play jewelry and candy in it, and a soft bear. And Jeremy got Hailey a valentine package with candy, little bear and other stuff in it. Then she went to playgroup and everyone handed out little bags with junk toys in em and lots of candy!! Also Grandmas sent some cute cards which she was so excited to get mail. Jeremy was also very sweet and got me a locket with Mom inscribed on the front. This is my first present with "mom" on it. It made me feel so good :) I love being a mom!

Happy Valentines day!!

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Beth's Blog said...

I wanted to get that cookbook! Would you still recommend it? Happy Valentines Day!