First visit from the Tooth Fairy!

The day after Bug's 5th Birthday, she lost her first tooth! Her front bottom right tooth had been loose for several days and in the morning Mommy saw it was very loose and pulled on it. It came right out! Bug was so excited and ran to the mirror. Mommy asked her what she wanted the Tooth Fairy to bring her. She said she wanted a diamond ring! The Tooth Fairy ran to the store late that night and got her a pair of tinkerbell earrings since they were fresh out of diamond rings. Bug couldn't wait until morning and woke at 2 am and woke Mommy and Daddy. Bug looked under the pillow and was thrilled to find the earrings along with a coin dollar. Half asleep, everyone went back to bed. Two days later the tooth next to it came out! Since Bug was on a camping trip the Tooth Fairy had to wait a couple days until she got home. The Tooth Fairy brought Bug four quarters the second time. Hopefully Bug keeps the rest of her teeth in for awhile!

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