Hailey's birthday fairy tea party

When all the girls arrived each was transformed with glittery fairy tattoos, magic fairy glitter, fairy wings and tutus. Then it was time for tea! All the little fairies were welcomed to the table and told of all the tea party etiquette. Each girl politely put thier napkin in lap and used manners to enjoy all the sweets. After sipping tea and lemonade, everyone sang Bug her special birthday song. Pass the parcel game was next and all the girls excitely sat in a circle and each got a turn to unwrap a layer, when getting to the last layer everyone got lots of prizes to take home. After the rain had stopped, it was the perfect time to build fairy houses in the garden. The girls paired up and built thier fairy houses out of natural materials. Afterward the girls got to run around and play. It was a beautiful day for a great fairy tea party!

Fairies who came to celebrate Bug's 5th birthday were Madalyn, Sydney, Shaniah, Carolyn, Mandolin, and Ava! Hailey's Best friend, Bee wasn't able to come because she was sick in the hospital. :(

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