Learning at Roscoe..

Mommy, Daddy & Bug took advantage of the Coshocton appreciation days at Roscoe Village. First starting off at the welcome center, Bug dipped her own candle and also painted a spinning top. Bellies were growling, so it was off to The Warehouse for an outdoor lunch. Bug of course ordered a "squishy cheese sammich". The dinner was impossibly slow so Bug and Mommy ran off to the school lesson and left Daddy with the bill. Mommy & Bug were late for class and got scolded. Daddy was also scolded when he arrived even later. What bad students! After the school lesson, Bug took her dolly Kelly to Dr. Maro Johnson. The doctor learned from Bug that Kelly bites her nails and she has an upset stomach from eating too much cheese. He prescribed lots of hugs and kisses and some herbs for her upset tummy. The tour of the house was so neat and the fresh baked bread from the fire filled the whole house. To finish up the day, there was a relaxing ride on the Monticello III Canal Boat. It's so amazing the beautiful things you have right in your backyard.

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