Christmas Morning!

Hailey was so tired from the day before, she slept until almost 10! Mommy and Daddy got so impatient we had to wake her up. The moment she opened her eyes she asked if Santa had came. When we said yes she went running. Before she even looked for presents she went to the cookie plate and was very excited that Santa ate all of her cookies and left a special one just for her. Then we started opening presents. Hailey was more excited about baby dolls and a little tea set rather then her bigger presents.

Hailey made Mommy & Daddy a Christmas gift at school.

It was Mommy's & Daddy's favorite gift!


Wendy said...

Merry Christmas guys! It looks like Miss Hailey had a lot of fun and got many new things to keep her occupied in this new year. I love her little sweet shop tent... sniff, we are getting to old for some of those things around here, I don't know if Libby would fit inside.

Wendy said...

We try to limit her gifts, but santa brings her three gifts, and we on the other hand give her too many. It's so darn hard to pass stuff by. We try to buy gifts to compliment what she already has, but it never really works.