Thanksgiving weekend with Papaw Tyna

Thanksgiving Day we all woke up and watched the Thanksgiving day parade on TV. Daddy went to the Thanksgiving Day game at Ford field while everyone back at the house helped with dinner. Hailey was the first at the table and ready to eat turkey, but then two bites later she was done! Hailey enjoyed being spoiled by her Papaw Tyna who gives her anything her little heart desires.

During our visit Hailey went ice skating for the first time. She thought it was so new and exciting but became frustrated and just wanted Mommy to skate her around on the ice. We also got to see Polar Express 3D on the IMAX. It is an awesome experience! It was adorable to see Hailey try to catch the golden ticket.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Libby wants to go ice skating so bad. I must put that on our winter to do list!