All ready for school

Do you think she has enough fall clothes????

This is where Haileys coat and backpack hang at the house, I thought it was such a cute picture.


Beth's Blog said...

oh, I love the little backpack! so cute! :)

Wendy said...

I am impressed that you have so much fall shopping done. I on the other hand have little to no shopping done. With these cool morning temps I need to go out and get my kiddo some clothes.

To answer your questions about lesson plans, teachers do not have to post them. Sacred Heart is liscensed through the Catholic Diocease, not the state, so they have their own rules. We have two Catholic elementry schools here, and they both do their own thing. Hopefully she does have their daily routine posted!

You could just be like me and say you want to volunteer if you have the time. That is how I have kept in the know these past three years. I will have a nervous breakdown next year when she starts public school!

Haily looks super cute in her leotard! I am glad she is having so much fun at school.

P.S. You could always move to Lancaster.