The Zoo... turning lemons into lemonade!

Since we had to go to columbus for Hailey's MRI, we decided to make a fun time of it and take a trip to the zoo the day before. We got to the zoo around lunchtime and had a picnic lunch. We then had a fun day exploring all the animals. I think Hailey was more interested in saying hello to all the kids rather then looking at the animals. At one point a tiger was laying right next to her and she was too busy playing with a little boy to notice. Jeremy and I were more amazed then she was. Haileys favorite was probably the turtles and the fish. We also got to touch the starfish in the aquarium. After a long hot day we headed off to our hotel to relax. We took a swim in the hotel pool which really grosses me out but we had a really fun time. Especially Hailey! Hailey is usually very skeptical about swimming in big pools but she was like a little fish that day and has been every since. The next day turned out to be a rough day for us, so I am very happy we had such a fun day at the zoo to make up for it! :)

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Beth's Blog said...

The zoo looks like so much fun. What a good idea that was. Petey would have loved that snake!