First day of Preschool

Last week was Hailey's first day of preschool. When we dropped her off she was so excited. She has absolutely no attachment issues which made the preschool transitionn very easy. I'm so backwards, I didn't cry until I picked her up and bawled the whole way home. When she started telling me all about what she did, I felt so left out of her life. I have always gotten to be a part of what she was experiencing. Its hard for me to let her go and be independant. She has already learned the letter A and can recognize it within other letters. She brought animals for show and tell for the letter A. It seems that Hailey has made many friends in class but her favorite will always be Holly who was in the same playgroup we have been going to.

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Corina said...

Aunt Cassie I can't beleave how big hailey is getting it sames like yesterday went she was born and now she is starting preschool she is getting to be so big.