Canal days week

I took Hailey for a fun day in Roscoe. Its only down the street, yet we have never really explored some of the things to do there. Canal days were a good time to get down there and take advantage of some free admissions. We went to the museum which honestly was pretty boring for both her and I. We then took Haileys baby to the doctor and took a tour of the doctors house. After we had a picnic in the garden where Jeremy and I got married. This year they have a butterfly tree that was covered in beautiful Monarch butterflies. Then Hailey painted a top and we finished the day with a beautiful ride on the horse drawn canal boat. It was a really fun but hot day! I never really realized the beauty of area until I rode the canal boat. Its amazing what you have right in your backyard! On Friday we watched the Parade which was full of every princess and queen within 50 miles! lol Hailey had so much fun chasing the candy.

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