Haileys 3rd Birthday Party!

First this first, Happy birthday to my little girl!! Hailey was so excited about her Dora birthday party and she had been so patient about waiting for it. I learned my lesson with planning a date though. Never again on a holiday weekend. I had invited about 65 people and planned for a lot of people. We rented out a room at Kids America which is an indoor soccer arena. A handfull of kids showed up and they had a blast chasing each other around. We did a dora star hunt which they really had fun doing. Hailey had a super cute dora cake for herself and purple dora cupcakes for everyone else. Things just didnt seem to go my way for her party this year, like I forgot the batteries to my camera so I only have a few pictures. But the point of the party was for Hailey to have fun and I know she had a wonderful birthday party. She keeps talking about her friends that came and everything we did. It makes me so happy that she had a good time :) Next year is tea party time!!! I already have started planning! Ok so I know I'm this crazy obsessed mother. But hey... its what I do best :)

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The life of mom said...

Ohhh, look at the beautiful birthday girl. Sorry we had to miss the party. We will definetly make number 4!

I tried to through my parents a 25 anniversary party over July 4th weekend once and I had the same experience. (Their anniversary was 7/7/77 at 7 pm) I think we invited over 100 people and like 20 showed up. I found out I was pregnant with Lib the next day... maybe you'll have some news like that too :)

Hope to see you soon! Hugs from Lancaster!