I went to prom!!

Friday I took Kevin to the prom that his workshop has every year. At first the loudness of the music bothered him and we went in the hall. Then we heard Achy Breaky Heart and Kevin was ecstatic! He started bouncin his head, laughing and movin his wheelchair around. We had such a fun time dancing and spinning him around. After that song we sat back and people watched. Watching people with mental disablities really makes me wonder about what really defines happiness. Everyone feels sorry for people with disabilities. I always admire them. I sit back and see all these people genuinely happy and laughing and realize that I have never seen such a group of happy people. What is happiness?? Are we really the ones with the disablity to be happy with the simple things in life??? So when you see someone with mental disabilities don't pity them. Admire the fact that they will be more happy then we could ever be.

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The life of mom said...

Is in not amazing how a room full of people who are different can move past those differences and just have fun, but those who percieve themselves as "normal" can only see the differences in people.

You are good person Cassie Tubbs.