Mommy!!! Hide and seek!!

Hailey did the cutest thing today!!! We were getting ready for bedtime and she said, mommy! daddy! play hide and seek. Both of us were caught off guard because we never taught her this game thinking she was too young. We didnt even have time to say anything before she yelled, go hide! and covered her eyes and turned to the wall... Jeremy and I ran really quick and hid in easy spots. She yelled one! two! twee! weddy or not here I come!!! She had such a blast finding us and Jeremy and I just laughed and laughed. Jeremy got such a kick out of it because he hid in the bed under the covers and it was VERY obvious he was there. She ran in and still couldnt find him. This game will be our new favorite. Neither one of us can figure out who taught her how to play. I'm puzzled yet very, very, amused! Shes the best!

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