glimpse of spring

Yay! we finally got a lil tease of spring! And finally, the weather was good enough to let Hailey test out her Christmas present from Papaw. The big pink Jeep has been taking over our living room since christmas and I was probably just as excited to get the thing out of the house! We went down to lake park and let her cruise around the empty parking lot. It took her a minute to figure out how to work it but then she started cruising around and wanted to drive to the ducks at the lake. After some debating with her we finally got the jeep back in the car and drove over. It was really cold by the water and the lake was all still frozen reminding me that winter is still here :( At least we got out for a little bit of fresh air. That might keep us sane through the next snow!


Beth's Blog said...

It looks like Hailey had a lot of fun in her new Jeep! I never thought of taking the boys trucks and stuff over there to let them ride, what a good idea! I have had those things sitting in my living room too! I miss taking the kids to lake park. I am with you......come on spring!!!!!

The Barber Bunch said...

Just surfin' around and stopped by your Blog for a visit.

Very Nice!

I love the jeep....why don't they make them in Big Girl Size! I would get one!