Blizzard of 2008

Well we have been snowed in for two days and the snow has just let up a few hours ago. I managed to deep clean a portion of the house but Hailey has gotten a bad case of stir craziness. I don't ever remember having such a snowy winter as this. I think after this blizzard we have paid our dues on snow duty. With Easter only three weeks away, spring needs to come soon! The snow is kinda fun while its white and pretty. We went outside to play and Hailey had a blast but she kept getting frustrated that she she couldn't walk. The snow was above her knees and was getting so mad! lol We went for a walk around the block and enjoyed the few houses that had thier sidewalks snowblown.

She loved putting her handprints in the snow and then eating the snow off her gloves. We tried making snow angels but it was snowing so hard that it was getting in our face everytime we laid down. We had a great time and Hailey was glad Daddy came outside too.

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