Libby's Princess Party!

This weekend the Tubbs family went to Libby's 5th birthday princess party! Libby's Mommy, Wendy did such a great job with a princess castle bouce house and lots of activities. Hailey had such a fun time. She surprisingly did very well at the party games, keeping up with the "big" kids. Libby was dressed as Belle and looked adorable and Hailey dressed up in her pretty pink "pincess" dress complete with her beautiful tiara.
They played lots of games including hot potato and pin the shoe on cinderella and Hailey's favorite was musical chairs. It was too cute when halfway during the game Hailey didnt see the empty chair right in front of her and ran all the away around and couldnt find one... she put her hands on her face and said oh no! what happened to my chair?!

It was great to see Libby and her parents (Mike & Wendy) who are our friends too. I also met a great mom who has a daughter almost the same age as Hailey. We all had a great time and wish we could see them more often. Happy Birthday Libby!


Beth's Blog said...

Hailey and Libby look soo cute in their princess dresses! I can't wait till Tatum gets to dress up. The party looked like a lot of fun :)

The life of mom said...

Thanks again for coming down! Hailey was soo cute, and she really did hang in there with the big kids. Those are two beautiful girls, but I may be a little biased. :)